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Musical Theatre combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance.  
Stories and emotions are communicated through the words, music, movement which will allow audience to have an unforgettable and thrilling experience!
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Tailor made classes for different schools: kindergarten, primary school, secondary school.

Our courses are designed carefully for students to learn in an enjoyable environment and gain self-confidence.   

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MT kiddos!

Age 3 - 6 (Kindergarten)

Fun music games and exercises based class to develop kids’ creativity, physicality and musicality. Simple and easy concepts of different elements in Musical Theatre will will introduced. It is a great opportunity for the kids to learn being expressive and gain self-confidence!

Little broadway star!

Age 6 - 13 (Primary School)

Simple yet fun introduction on fundamental concepts of singing, acting and dancing will be taught thought games and exercises. Students will start to work individually and in a team to develop both independent and ensemble performing skills.

Short pieces and exerts of musicals will be taught and rehearsed during the class.

Teenage Musical Theatre

Age 13 - 18 (Secondary School)

More advanced and intensive training to build up each's ability in singing, acting and dance. Students will start to learn more mature concepts and histories about Musical Theatre.  They will be encouraged to create work or their own individually and as an ensemble, in order to become an independent and all-rounded performer.

Pieces/exerts from musicals will be taught and rehearsed in class.

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