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D r a m a

why drama?

The benefits from drama are physical, emotional and social, especially for young people. Drama helps to develop a healthy appreciation of culture and the arts.

It moulds one to become a better person! It helps:

Communication skills  
and more!
Drama Class

Age 3-6


Kids in Slide

Fun Drama Games for Kids

Interactive and fun game-based introduction of acting to children from 3 to 6. The classes introduce the foundation of physical movement and voice, which are the fundamental elements in acting.

Kids are allowed to make mistake and learn with the careful guidance from our tutors.

An open class can be shown after a certain semesters of classes. (optional)


Course aims:

  • Develop communication skills and self-confidence

  • Think creatively with their imaginations

  • Work as a team

  • Be expressive through movement and voice

  • Obtain basic physical and vocal skills

  • Have fun!

3-6 drama
why drama

Age 6-13

(Primary School)

Children Drama

Beginner acting classes for children from 6 to 13 combined with games and theories. Allowing students to create work of their own, and learn from others by doing group and individual presentations. Students will also obtain improvisation skills, which enable them to express in various situations and characters.

A 20-30 mins drama/short scene work can be produced after a certain semesters of classes.(optional)


Course aims:

  • Develop independent organising and analysing skills

  • Build up confidence

  • Think creatively and execute by themselves

  • Learn to appreciate and give feedbacks

  • Work as a team, also as a leader

  • Obtain more mature physical and vocal knowledge

6-13 drama

Age 13-18

(Secondary School)

Theater Performance

Youth Drama/Teenage Acting

Acting classes for teenagers from 13 to 18 are enhanced by more advanced and mature practical exercises and theory knowledges. Students begin to learn different style of acting in terms of chorus and leading roles. Beginner directing projects will be introduced through individual and group creative work. The classes will also equip them with improvisation and audition skills for them to pursue further studies in acting.

A 30-45 mins drama/short scene work can be produced after a certain semesters of classes. (optional)

Course aims:

  • Acquire more theatre knowledges

  • More advanced practise drama exercises

  • Work towards being an independent and unique actor

  • Learn to work as a director

  • Create work of their own with their own stories

  • Obtain useful audition skills for further studies

Do not hesitate to ask!
We provide more classes than you thought.
13-18 drama
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