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Incorporating different styles of dance such as ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern dance.

Dancers can express their own ideas and stories by creating unique movements.

Outreach-School Programme

Interest Class

Tailor made classes for secondary schools' teenagers.

Our courses are designed carefully for students to learn in an enjoyable environment and gain self-confidence.   

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Contemporary Dance for youngers

Age 13-18 (Secondary School)

Students will be led to explore and learn more about their own bodies by going through some creative movements/improvisation exercises. 

Various of dance techniques will be taught to build up students' physicality and foundation, like basic ballet techniques, floor work, turns etc., which acquaints students with physical control, awareness of physical space and energy. 

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Contem DF

Hong Kong Schools Dance Festival - Contemporary Dance

Classes for building up school teams to join the HKSDF taught by experienced tutors.

Great opportunity for students to widen their horizon and boost confidence by preparing a

professional performance.

Participable groups:

  • Secondary School

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Step Out's private programme

Classes for:​

  • Teenagers (13-18)

  • Adults (18 or above)


  • Open Level

  • Beginner

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