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Diverse style consisting different modern and classical genres: from folk to ballet.

More than 50 ethnic folk dances, highlighting the unique Chinese cultural features.

Outreach-School Programme

Interest Class

Tailor made classes for different schools: primary school, secondary school.

Our courses are designed carefully for students to learn in an enjoyable environment and gain self-confidence.   

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Children Chinese Dance

Age 6-13 (Primary School)

Solid and basic Chinese knowledge will be introduced: professional terms, fundamental steps, style etc. Exercise starting from stretching, floor exercise, to some short dance sequences to build up muscle memory and physicality, and, discipline!​

Teenage Chinese Dance

Age 13-18 (Secondary School)

More focuses on more advanced technique to build up a stronger dancer body.  The characteristics of different folk dance styles will be introduced through learning dance excerpts from different Chinese folk traditions.

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Step Out's private programme

Classes for:

  • Children (6-13)

  • Teenagers (13-18)

  • Adults (18 or above)

Introduction to Beginner level, covering basic techniques and styles:

  • Absolute Beginner

  • Beginner

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