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Foundation for nearly all dance styles and requires solid techniques with gracefulness.

Not only you will gain more knowledge of your body, but also the peace and sheer pleasure of ballet.

Outreach-School Programme

Interest Class

Tailor made classes for different schools: kindergarten, primary school, secondary school.

Our courses are designed carefully for students to learn in an enjoyable environment and gain self-confidence.   

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Ballet Kiddo

Age 3-6 (Kindergarten)

​Fun games and exercises based class to develop kids’ physicality and mentality. Great chance to build up confidence and know some new friends!

Children Ballet

Age 6-13 (Primary School)

Solid and basic ballet knowledge will be introduced: professional terms, fundamental steps, style etc. Short dance sequences to build up muscle memory and physicality, and, learn to be disciplined!​

Teenage Ballet

Age 13-18 (Secondary School)

Incorporate a focus on more advanced ballet technique as well as creative elements and choreography. Student’s progression will be carefully monitored to ensure a maximum chance they will succeed in their dancing careers.

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Step Out's private programme

Classes for:

  • Young Kids (age 3-6)

  • Children (6-13)

  • Teenagers (13-18)

  • Adults (18 or above)

Introduction to Advanced Beginner level, covering basic techniques and styles:

  • Absolute Beginner

  • Beginner

  • Advanced Beginner

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